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Avience Biomedicals Pvt. Ltd. is Delhi based company venturing into products and solutions in molecular segment of diagnostics and testing. We bring that 20 years of rich experience in various aspects of Molecular biotechnology, are genomics and IVD industry. Their company aims creating solutions on cutting edge with the latest advancements in globe, having wide applications and that provide cost-effective solutions for rural and the needy. Today are counted to reputed manufacturer, distributor and these supplier of molecular diagnostics products.

A leading name the industry, we are trusted by many of clients in country due to quality and innovative solutions. The company as active distributor in India for several globally reputed companies providing at technologically advanced products across the globe and is responsible for setting up, supporting, and developing various major brands in country as well.

Our in-house research team is continuously working, on identification novel molecular markers. These markers the basis of predictive risk assessment, as well as pharmacogenomics-based identification of drug targets. In area offer communicable diseases, have focus on diseases like:

  • TB
  • Encephalitis, Malaria
  • Chikengunya
  • SARS
  • MERS
  • CoV2 (Covid19)

and are in process of development of diagnostic kits. Based on genetic marker information Real Time PCR based diagnosis is possible. We are working CRISR based diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines having applications in disease as like cancer, cardiovascular and several communicable diseases.



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