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A wealth of experience spanning more than 20 years in the fields of molecular biotechnology, markers, genomics, and the IVD business. The company seeks to develop solutions that are at the forefront of global innovation, have a broad range of uses, and offer rural and underprivileged populations affordable options. We currently rank among the most well-known manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of molecular diagnostics products.

As a well-known company in the field, we enjoy the respect of numerous customers around the nation because of the high caliber and originality of our solutions. The business also serves as a distributor in India for several well-known international businesses that export cutting-edge technology, and it is in charge of establishing, fostering, and growing a number of significant brands in the nation.

New molecular markers are always being sought by our internal research team. These markers serve as the foundation for both pharmacogenomics-based medication target identification and predictive risk assessment

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