BS 430

BS 430

Mindray HbA1c assays of enzymati method, with application of specified protease and Fructosyl Peptide Oxidase (FPOX), has a good correlation with HPLC method. The enzymatic method is proven to have high precision, specificity and better performance to avoid interference from hemoglobin variants, and it is traceable to IFCC/NGSP reference methods.

System FunctionAutomatic, discrete, random access. STAT sample priority
Throughput420 photometric tests per hour, up to 626 tests per hour with ISE
Sample Handling102 sample positions,

With the newly designed opticals and reagent systems, the SF Cube technology can help doctors to better differentiate the clusters of cells, which is the key to revealing more abnormal cells.

NRBC result in every CBC

In WNB scattergram, BC-6800Plus provides NRBC, Basophils and WBC-N* results. It means that the actual number of NRBCs can be measured in routine CBC, if they are present in the sample.

Basophils are counted in this counting channel with NRBC results.

Basophil and NRBC results are generated on BC-6800Plus without extra reagent or cost.

More accurate RET and PLT-O result

By utilizing the new fluorescent dye, the reticulocytes and platelets are more specific stained with stronger fluorescent signal, that brings a more accurate reticulocyte and platelet results.

Automatic Rerun & Reflex

Should the sample results trigger the criteria, the autoloader of BC-6800Plus can return the sample racks for an automatic rerun or reflex check.

200 test/hour

BC-6800Plus can load up to 100 samples at a time and offers a throughput of up to 200 tests per hour.