BCR ABL Detection

1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR Kit uses 1copy Probe Technology to conveniently and rapidly detect multiple mRNA targets in just one single step while showing high precision and accuracy in quantitatively testing for CML(Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia). Our kit is able to stably detect and measure BCR-ABL1 at a level of 0.0032% and differentiate out lower CMR(Complete Molecular Response) with 0.0007% IS. 1copy™ BCR-ABL qPCR kit not only has a short total testing time but also is very convenient due to the combination of reverse transcription and amplification into a single step.

1copy™ Probe Technology: Sensitive and Consistent

1copy™ Probe, the core technology of 1drop Inc. molecular diagnostics, is a chimeric probe composed of DNA and RNA, and its degradation efficiency is increased by the endonuclease activity of our specially designed RNaseHII6, allowing for higher fluorescence intensity and consequently, a more accurate quantification. RNaseHII6 is specifically developed to be strongly resistant to heat and is therefore optimized for hot-start PCR, producing a higher probe degradation efficiency. With this unique technology, 1copy™ Probe can stably and accurately detect mRNA at the single-molecule level.

1copy™ supports the detection of multiple target genes in a single step to save time and money.

  • Turn-around Time: 2 hr. 25 min.
  • Hands-on Time: 20 min.
  • # of Steps: 1 Step
  • LOD: 4pg(~8 copies, >95% CI), MR 4.77(MR value)
  • Target: 4 types of fusion mRNA(b3a2, b2a2, e1a2, e19a2)
  • Contents:
    • Master Mix: 1 ea.
    • Primer Probe Mix: 1 ea.
    • Standard(ABL): 3 ea.
    • Standard(BCR-ABL): 4 ea.
    • Control: 2 ea.
    • DEPC DW: 1 ea.